About Us

Grace Community Church is a church family that needs each other and needs Jesus. We believe that the Bible gives us wisdom and that a personal friendship with Jesus gives us joy, hope, and peace. Because God gives us so much, we meet together once a week to celebrate all He has done for us and worship Him as our true and living Savior.

If you have the same needs as we do, please come see what it means to follow Jesus at Grace.

What can we offer you that beats a lazy Sunday morning or a drive through the hills of East Tennessee?
Honestly, on any given Sunday morning, both of those sound pretty good. What we can offer are deep, personal relationships with genuine people and with a living God. Both of those relationships take time, not just Sunday mornings.

Interested? If you are, come join us and see what’s available. We’d love to share a wonderful Sunday morning with you … and a whole lot more.