Missionary Partners


Bob and Linda Dukes

Bob and his wife Linda have been active in student, discipleship, marriage and family ministry since 1972. They have been with Worldwide Discipleship Association since it was founded in 1974. WDA’s mission is to serve the church worldwide by developing Christlike character in people and equipping them to disciple others according to the pattern Jesus used to train His disciples. Bob is the President and Executive Director of WDA and is currently a discipleship consultant at New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville, GA. Linda is the Executive Administrator, Prayer Coordinator and Conference Director. Previously, she served as Senior Staff Woman at the University of Tennessee, which she and Bob launched in their first year on WDA staff. In 1980, the Dukes moved to the Atlanta area when Bob became the National Campus Director. The Dukes reside in Fayetteville, GA and have five children and five grandchildren.

Barry and Desma Abbott


Barry and Desma Abbott serve with World Team in the African country of Cameroon. The Abbots have two children, Brianna and Brendan. They work with the Baka people who live in the rain forest. Until recently, this pygmy people group was isolated from the rest of the world and lived as hunters and gatherers in the forest. Today, their world has been turned upside-down by loggers, who are destroying their livelihood and introducing diseases, such as AIDS. The have all sorts of needs, such as education and health care, but the greatest is spiritual. Barry and Desma are using the traditional style of storytelling to introduce the Bible into their culture. They are equipping the Baka people to learn the oral Bible stories from the Old and New Testament and share them with their own people. These stories are bringing transformation as people are turning away from abuse and alcohol to God, who loves and cares for them. At the same time, the spiritual transformation is inspiring people to get more education and develop a more sustainable village life with farming and wells. Barry and Desma's vision is to plant churches among the Baka that are led by local people and to ultimately work with the people to translate the Bible into their own language. 

Margo Theivagt

Margo Theivagt has served with Worldwide Discipleship Associations’s Campus Ministry for more than 30 years. She works with WDA’s Restorative ministry helping women process their losses and heal emotionally, relationally and spiritually. She also ministers to Korean believers and Chinese unbelievers where she has the opportunity to disciple the believers and share Christ with the nonbelievers

Brad and Jamie Newport

Brad and Jamie Newport serve with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in Athens, Greece.
Their role & purpose in Greece is to help build the church, to extend the Kingdom of Christ & His gospel. This is done through making disciples. For them specifically, they use their God-given gifts of hospitality, service, etc to connect and build them into the French world & community.

James and Delrae Wiseman

James and Delrae Wiseman serve with Assemblies Of God World Missions.

They minister to the remote, Mayan tribes of northern Guatemala. Their ministry began through short-term trips from their home in Oak Ridge. Since 2005 they have been serving full-time proclaiming the gospel, planting churches, praying for the sick, and equipping indigenous pastors.

Argyris and Dina Petrou

Argyris and Dina Petrou serve with AMG International in Athens, Greece.

Argyris serves as a professor at the Greek
Bible College, serves in leadership of
the Greek Evangelical Alliance, and
has published several commentaries on the
Pauline epistles.

Dina is the founder of the House of
Damaris, a safe house for victims of
trafficking and prostitution. They are Greek citizens living in Athens.

They have three grown sons: Mark, Erik, and Erastos.